Greenway Investment Strategy

Focusing primarily in the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Austin areas, Greenway strives to identify unique properties throughout the Southwest that we can enhance through our value-added real estate expertise.

Greenway’s success begins long before a property is acquired. We begin by thoroughly researching, analyzing and evaluating the target market. Once Greenway is comfortable with the market’s potential, we undertake a broad search of available assets to narrow the focus to properties that can provide the best mix of yield/gain opportunity and risk control.

But no matter how good the buy, timing is everything. While it’s obviously important when we buy, it’s of equal importance when we sell. Although there’s no way to forecast the future of real estate with certainty, Greenway’s highly trained team monitors key indicators—not just the published facts and figures but the intangibles that arise from watching and truly understanding the market. These include such shifting trends as traffic patterns, growth, occupancy trends and other variables that can greatly affect a location’s value.

Using this strategy, Greenway has compiled an impressive track record of acquisition, ownership and disposition—delivering superior opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

Greenway aggressively pursues investments through an extensive network of market contacts. The company capitalizes on its relationships with other industry professionals to discover unique and often overlooked or neglected properties that hold the promise of exceptional returns.

Without the restrictions of a bureaucratic structure, Greenway has the agility to respond quickly when a prime opportunity arises or when conditions suddenly change. The company skillfully manages its assets to minimize risk and maximize returns on a wide range of investment opportunities.

Investment Spectrum

Greenway actively seeks investment opportunities. Our extensive and varied experience enables us to succeed in a wide range of areas of real estate investment.

Greenway has developed or acquired in excess of 2 million SF of retail space. We have also acquired more than 2 million SF of office space; 500,000 SF of industrial space; 2,500 apartment units; and more than 3,000 acres of land for development.

When Greenway looks at unimproved land and development opportunities, we examine the opportunity from both short-term and long-term perspectives. We then create a strategic plan that outlines our goals to sell, lease or develop the property.